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Project Description

Chapter 12: Sumang Lane


Clean minimalist with a dash of whimsical creativity, this home design is the result of the client’s endless strive for harmony. The use of light wood variations with splashes of blue brings a seamless transition between spaces. We embraced the natural light that floods in, creating a comfortable nook for our avid reading clients.

We chose Kandy from Adriot ID as we felt like we were on the same page as her in terms of style and design. She was amazing in translating the rough ideas we told her we had for our home, into reality. For some of the wilder or more unrealistic ideas we had (especially for our budget), she was able to let us know respectfully to re-consider those ideas, or gave us alternatives. She also suggested cool additions we could consider.

When we saw her 3D drawings, we knew we had made the right choice, and knew we could trust her to deliver our vision.

She consistently updated us with photos during the renovation, gave us good advice on what type of accessories/furniture to buy, gave us good tips on places to check out or things we could look at to clean/improve/maintain our home, and also responded very quickly when we had queries.

Whenever we met Kandy, she was always polite and cheerful. If we had any concerns or noticed any defects along the way, she would follow up really quickly with her team to get it rectified – it was so seamless for us. Time-wise, we were not in a rush, but gave her a date we needed the home by, and we got it on time. The end product was perfect – we achieved the look we wanted, and everything such as electrical, carpentry, painting, plumbing, flooring, tiling overlay was in good quality. Even after the renovation, she would text us periodically to check if all was well and would arrange for her team to come by if we noticed any minor issues.

Kandy has an eye for detail, has a clean, simple taste, and is warm and friendly – I would recommend her and her firm to anyone looking to renovate their home!

Claire John