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Project Description

Chapter 9: Woodvales

“Is Black The New White?”

The loving couple, P+S, gave our designer the flexibility & freedom during the brainstorming process for the design. The only request they had was to allocate plenty of storage space for the mister, as he had a huge collection of Books. Using black instead of white for the main palette, this was a bold move for us to make, but the results proved otherwise. By using a darker wood tone as the secondary colour to soften the black, we manage to tone down the “industrial” elements which we try to avoid.

We worked with Kandy for our renovation. Kandy was very easy to work with and very receptive and supportive of our ideas. She was very creative in turning our vague ideas into actual designs and didn’t just go for run of the mill ordinary designs. She also included many little things to make day-to-day life easier as well as (very politely and respectfully) pushing back on some of our wilder ideas that would not have turned out so well. The renovation work itself went very smoothly, was on time and was well project managed. Would highly recommend her.

Paul Richardson