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Project Description

Chapter 17: Compassvale


A colonial inspired home; mixed in with the clients’ personal preference for the color blue. Clean lines paired with the soft edgings provided by the natural teak furniture further accentuates the modern colonial theme.

The highlight being the combining of the masterbedroom with a common room and extending out the master toilet, resulting in a master suite with a spacious en suite

Kandy has a bright and sincere personality which makes working with her very easy and enjoyable. (Also big thanks to Xavier who assisted.)

Her design ideas won us over because they are smart and different from typical template designs; and always keeps our budget in mind. One example was she combined a common bedroom and master bedroom to become a spacious master suite with extended space in the master bathroom. It was excellent spatial planning.

She’s always on the ball despite juggling a few projects at the same time. She has a good relationship with her contractors so problems were rectified promptly.

Candice Lim